PhD in Material Science and thin film engineering (M/F)
Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology
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Many applications require packaging solutions with ultra-low water and oxygen permeation rates, from food / beverage packaging to the more recent subject of organic electronics and opto-

electronics. Current solution use either brittle materials (such as glass) or metal coatings (which are opaque). The project aims at developing new packaging solutions based on plastic foils and combining optical transparency , mechanical flexibility and ultra-

low permeation rates . The project will focus on the integration of novel inorganic and organic materials grown via chemical vapour techniques (atomic layer deposition and chemical vapour deposition) into functional multi-

layer or hybrid coatings on plastic foils. From a fundamental understanding of the gas phase diffusion through the transparent coatings, their properties will be tuned, from medium performance barrier layer for packaging, to high-

performance barrier layer for flexible opto-electronics. This research will include multi-functional transparent and conductive barriers for advanced packaging solutions.


The student will be in charge of the deposition of hybrid (inorganic and organic) thin films on polymer substrates by atomic layer deposition and chemical vapour deposition, and or their characterisation using gas permeation test measurements.

Various geometries will be investigated, from laminates to hybrid layers, and the student will have to design experiments in order to develop the deposition of these layers, as well as understand the gas barrier properties of the films.

He / she will benefit from the material analysis platform in LIST, including secondary ion mass spectroscopy, X-ray photoemission spectroscopy, etc.

as well as gas permeation test measurements within the industrial partner.


  • Master in materials science, with speciality in thin film synthesis and characterization
  • Competencies

  • Strong skills for experimental work, demonstrated through a master thesis or validated practical work, including thin film deposition and characterisation techniques
  • Good knowledge in material science, vapour phase deposition techniques, chemical vapour deposition or atomic layer deposition will be an asset
  • Language

  • English (spoken and written) is mandatory
  • French or German is an asset
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